Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Supper giveaway!

Pastitsio and Fashoulakia. In English, that's a Greek lasagna
of beef, pasta and cheese with a creamy white sauce,
and the classic Greek green bean dish.
The green beans' piquant taste pairs well with
the rich, delicious, comfort of the pastitsio.
And would you believe this plate has
less than 10 grams of fat?
We all know there's no such thing as a free lunch. There IS, however, such a thing as a free supper! Nourish Personal Chef Service is going to give away a free supper to one lucky winner. That is, an entree and a side dish tailored to your food preferences.

Here's how to win:
  1. Like Nourish's Facebook page.
  2. Leave a comment on the wall or on this blog answering the question "What would you like best about having a personal chef?"
  3. Do this by August 12. Winner will be announced August 13.
Get an extra entry when you share this giveaway on your blog or Facebook profile! (Let me know so I can look too.)

Now, I know you'll have a million reasons why you'd like a personal chef, but just leave it at one for this drawing. For instance, a personal chef...
- goes grocery shopping for you
- plans your menu
- gives you 12-15 hours a week to do what you want to do rather than be in the kitchen
- cooks for you
- prepares food to meet your special nutritional needs (low-fat, gluten-free, etc.)
- offers a good variety of foods
- keeps you from cleaning a big kitchen mess...

And when you have delicious meals from Nourish in your freezer, you...
- don't have to go out to eat
- eat food prepared with your specific tastes in mind
- eat whenever it's convenient, 5 pm or 11:30 pm!
- get a hot meal on the table in about 15 minutes
- don't have to wash up pots and pans
- say goodbye to the question "what's for dinner?"

And these are just a few positives when you have a personal chef.

Will the Greek supper be your choice if you win? Good luck!


  1. I would love it b/c I work full time, go to school, and have two children. That combination is exhausting...and so it would be a treat not to have to cook supper one night! ;)

  2. April, that is definitely a good reason!

  3. Hey Leigh! How fun! I would love a PC b/c I LOVE to eat, but don't love to cook! And I'll link you on my blog, so count me for 2! (:

  4. Thanks, Betsy! I've got you down for 2 entries. :)